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COVID-19 Precautions:

Office Safety Precautions in Effect During the Pandemic

Our office is taking the following precautions to protect our patients and help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Seating has options to maintain space. 
  • Therapists maintain safe distancing.
  • Restroom soap dispensers are maintained and everyone is encouraged to wash their hands for 20 seconds and completely drying before entering the suite.
  • Hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is available in the offices, the waiting room and at the reception desk.
  • We ask all patients to wait in their cars or outside until no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment times and to not bring additional people to their appointment to wait.
  • We ask you bring your own pen to each session.
  • Physical contact is not permitted.
  • Tissues and trash bins are easily accessed. 
  • Offices and common areas are disinfected at approximately noon and at the end of each day.
  • Play therapy rooms have detailed disinfecting protocols. 

Your repsonsibility during the Pandemic

To obtain services in person, you agree to take certain precautions which will help keep everyone (you, your therapist, our families, other therapists and other clients) safer from exposure, sickness and possible death. If you do not adhere to these safeguards, it may result in starting / returning to a telehealth arrangement.

  • You will only keep your in-person appointment if you are symptom free.
  • You will take your temperature before coming to each appointment. If it is elevated (100 Fahrenheit or more), or if you have other symptoms of the coronavirus, you agree to cancel the appointment or proceed using telehealth. 
  • You will wait in your car or outside until no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time and not bring extra people with you to wait for or during appointment.
  • You will wash your hands in the restroom before entering the suite. 
  • You will keep safe distance in the waiting room.
  • Mask are optional in the waiting room and in the therapy office. You may ask that the therapist wear a mask while in the therapy office.   
  • You will attempt to keep a distance of 6 feet and there will be no physical contact (e.g. no shaking hands) with me or others.
  • You will try not to touch your face, mouth or eyes with your hands. If you do, you will immediately wash or sanitize your hands. 
  • If you are bringing your child, you will make sure that your child follows all of these sanitation and distancing protocols. 
  • You will take steps between appointments to minimize your exposure to COVID. 
  • If you have a job that exposes you to other people who are infected, you will immediately let your therapist know. 
  • If your commute or other responsibilities or activities put you frequently in close contact with others (beyond your family), you will let your therapist know.
  • If a resident of your home tests positive for the infection, you will immediately let your therapist know and then [begin] resume treatment via telehealth.

Common Syptoms of the COVID-19  Virus

    Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Repeated shaking with chills

Muscle pain


Sore throat

New loss of taste or smell

Fever (must not be using any fever reducing medication

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping EVERYONE healthy!

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